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Consulting Projects

Selected consulting projects of Dr. Herbert H. Tsang.

Projects to Promote Academic Integrity

IntegrityMatters is available in Android and iOS. Visit here to get more information about this project http://bit.ly/integritymattersapp

  • Android (Released: February 13, 2018) and
  • iOS (Released: March 3, 2018) Apple Apps Store

Seneca College also implemented an app for promoting Academic Integrity
Seneca Integrity Matters


Project to build the Official Simon Fraser University (SFU) App :: LINK


Project in collaboration with Vancouver Police Department and others

  • ACOPA-Patrol
    • Android version released: November 26, 2017 Link
    • iOS version released: ver 1.0 October 21, 2016, ver 1.1 November 28, 2016 Link
  • iPatrol+ (Released: July 20, 2015) - LINK
  • Log It or Lose It (Released: Apr 11, 2014) - LINK
  • Speed Watch (Released: Apr 02, 2014) - LINK

Education-related research and development project

  • MobileQigong (May 4, 204) LINK to download. Here is our project website, LINK.
  • App Development for a Course “Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”
  • Wellness in the Workplace iPad App
    • Now available in the iTune store, the “Wellness in the Workplace App” won the Athabasca University’s 2012 Health and Wellness Award.
  • Communication Studies 610 “A Study of Canadian Feature Film Policy” app
    • Now available in the iTune store.


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