Computing Science Student Entrepreneurs Developed Edutainment Apps for the iPhone
Name Description Release date Link to the iTunes store
Asteroid Math Asteroid Math is a side scrolling space shooter where the player must destroy asteroids to collect numbers to complete an onscreen equation. Tests addition, subtraction and multiplication. Aug 09, 2010 link
S-I-G-M-A S-I-G-M-A is a falling blocks game with a math twist. Jun 05, 2010 link

August 9, 2010

Another team has successfully submitted Asteroid Math to the apps store. The team consist of Pankaj Bhambani, Jimmy Hahm, Silvia Koh, Jordon Phillips, and Andrew Yip. Congratulation!!

June 5, 2010

Student from the Simon Fraser University’s School of Computing Science CMPT 275 “Software Engineering I” class has been developed iPhone / iPodTouch application as part of their capstone class project. Under the direction of Dr. Herbert H. Tsang, sessional instructor of School of Computing Science, the student were charged with making education related iPhone applications.

Recently the application "Sigma" which was developed by Team DRYSO from CMPT 275 student from Spring 2010 has been accepted for sale online through the Apple iTunes store. “Sigma “is based on Tetris with a mathematical twist. It is an alternative study method for children learning their multiplication tables.

Team DRYSO consist of five undergraduate students: Robin Mahony, Doug Baker, Olive (Shu-Yu) Chou, Judy (Yu-Ching) Cheng, and Steve Chun-Hao Hu. The team said that they enjoyed the experience of working together in various stages of the project, from concept, design, implementation, verification and validation, and to market. They are very excited to see the application appears in the Apple Apps Store. This is the first application from CMPT 275 class that got accepted in the Apple Apps Store.

Congratulation, team DRYSO!


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