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I have been teaching Software Engineering class in university since 2009. This class is attracting attention of both academic and industry partners. The following video showcase some of the groups that took on the Skin Cancer theme. This them was sponsored by Dr. Maryam Sadeghi http://www.sfu.ca/~msa68/.

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Here are the list of projects that are under the Phylo theme

Group Name Description Link to the videos
1 SimpleSkinCare Simple Skin Care is an iPhone and iPad application designed to minimize the risk of skin cancer and avoid Vitamin D deficiency for people who do outdoor activities, such as sunbathing, golfing, outdoor swimming. By inputting the user’s basic information (age, gender, skin colour type), the application is able to calculate the daily amount of Vitamin D an individual person would need. By inputting the user’s environment and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of sunscreen, the application will be able to calculate the maximum sun exposure time, and will set an alarm to notify the user if they have reached the time limit. If users do not have enough sun exposure for the day, there is a potential risk for Vitamin D deficiency, and the application will make suggestions to the user about having Vitamin D supplement or food in order to meet the daily Vitamin D requirement. All record of the user’s activities will be stored in the system as references for doctors. The application will include tips for the skin protection, and information about the skin cancer and Vitamin D deficiency, in order to increase people’s quality of life.
2 Dr.UV The name of our application is “Dr. UV” with the catchphrase “U Can V the Doctor!” It is a small communication platform between people with skin problems and professionals who specialize in resolving skin problems. After logging onto the application, users will be able to select their area of skin concern by touching the corresponding area on a picture of a human body. After selecting an area, users will have the ability to answer a new questionnaire about their skin problem, view old questionnaires previously taken around the same area, and obtain the professionals’ feedback from them. Each questionnaire consists of questions related to skin problems that would be typically asked by doctors in the field of skin issues. In addition to filling out the contents of the questionnaire, users will also have the option of attaching pictures of the area of concern to the questionnaire. After a questionnaire is filled out, possibly with some pictures attached, users will have the option to compile a .pdf document consisting of the questionnaire contents, as well as the pictures taken, and send this document to a skin professional for feedback. Feedback from these professionals can be accessed by the user from the application. This application should be bought as it increases awareness about skin problems and allows people without easy access to skin professionals to get a quick opinion. The application will be made available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.
3 SunScreenApp SunScreen is a system for dermatologists and oncologists to check up on their patients remotely through picture updates from their phone. The objective of this application is to allow doctors to keep track of their patients in less time than traditional in-person appointments. By reducing the need for in-person screening appointments, doctors using SunScreen will be free to spend time treating patients with confirmed cases. Doctors using SunScreen will be able to review patient images by patient or by priority from their web browser. The priority queue feature will rank newly received images through weighted formula that includes the results of image processing algorithms, thereby giving the most attention to the most suspicious cases. Patients that are registered in the system by their doctor’s office will be authorized to download the SunScreener app for their smartphone device. The system will automatically schedule and send notifications to registered patients’ phones asking them to send in new updates of their high risk areas as defined by their doctor.
5 UVSuite UV Suite is a convenient application that offers modern tools with which users can fully manage their dermatological needs. By complementing the functionality of Dr. Sadeghi’s current application, the final product will promote skin cancer awareness and prevention. The application will create a secure and portable account for the user, complete with data pertaining to their relevant medical information, background, and skin type. From there the user can utilize the mobile camera function to capture images of their existing moles and catalogue them within a personalized dermal history. This will allow the users to store a detailed record of their moles and track their progress. The application can then walk the user through a sound self-diagnosis of their moles or send an image to be professionally evaluated by an enlisted dermatologist. In this way the user can bypass the substantial costs of visiting a dermatologist for a risk assessment and the tremendous wait for a given appointment. If a diagnosis presents a high risk level, naturally the user will need to have to seek a medical professional treatment. The application proves useful once again by helping users connect with local dermatologists that are taking on new clients. For anyone that has dermatological concerns, these various functions are meant to offer a more rapid and affordable response to their concerns.
7 MoleCheck This application is made with the intention of teaching users with information and tools to prevent skin cancer and damage. The program may guide the user to perform self-examinations with the assistance of the phone's camera. The application will ask users to take photos of their moles and give ratings of their moles through five aspects: asymmetry, border, color, diameter, elevation. The information is stored inside iPhone’s local memory and help users to keep track the mole status. The design of this application is aimed to be simple to appeal to and be usable by a broad base of users; it is highly likely that mid-aged people are going to be more likely to use our program, due to increased health risks within that demographic. This tool should be accessible and easy to use regardless of a user's level of education or comfort with technology.
9 MoleVision Mole Vision is an iOS application that can map moles on an individual’s body and determine if certain moles have a risk of being cancerous. The application will allow the users to take pictures of their moles and compare previously taken pictures to see if the appearance has changed over time. The user will also be able to upload the photos to medical professionals and get a professional diagnosis. Several other features, including a 3D body map, password protection, timestamp and UV index checker, will also be implemented in the application. Mole Vision can be used by any iPhone user and does not require any previous medical experience. A self-examination tutorial based on ABCDE rules will be provided in the application to guide users through the self-examination process. The application is simple to use and is widely available to any interested parties.
10 SkinProtect Skin Protect is an iOS application which boasts a variety of features. This application is meant to increase people’s awareness about one of the most common forms of cancer, skin cancer. Skin Protect also aims to help users perform self-scans and keep track of skin irregularities. Included in the application is a body map that allows the user to take pictures of their moles and scan them to tell the degree of likelihood that the mole is cancerous. The application also provides tips and facts about skin care to the user. Lastly, the application allows the user to find the nearest clinics for skin cancer treatment based on GPS location.

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